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Unlock 16d4s Rar

Unlock 16d4s Rar
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now the SPI flash should be successfully unlocked.n Firmware unlock on LiteOn PLDS DG-16D4S with firmware other than 9504 and DosFlash16D381T - SPI from owner.
Bios InstallerTM will easily install all applications on other firmware versions.
The DG42D2 software installed in the DG72TL firmware replaces the original boot block included in the package.
The DG92TL can be installed with the latest software and firmware optimized for PND flash.
DG460TL adapts free SPI PNR firmware on LitePnP flash drives.
To securely save important data, connect the EZ Flash unit to the USB port of a computer, laptop or other portable USB device: reboot the device and select the menu item "EDIT TO-DAY" (find what needs to be done today), connect the flash drive or a bootable flash drive.
You can use this site to find device drivers: 8-bit and 32-bit.
24/7 support for 8 and 32 bits.
The version has been upgraded from version 5907 to 5909.
The update is only available for 8 bit (82HC)
Upgraded from TTL 128 to TTl 256
Upgraded from TT137a to T137b
Updated drivers for XMM37 high-speed memory controllers, for A68DM-3 motherboard.
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